Geo Wifi Analyzer


What is GWA?


GWA is a tool to measure WiFi coverage at the physical layer and level TCP/UDP that allows:

  1. manage buildings and rooms with their dimensions and coordinates

  2. manage the position of access points in these rooms

  3. perform measurement campaigns in a room with different options:

    • measuring the signal power
    • environmental scan wifi
    • Bandwidth Measurements
    • possibility to force measure on an AP or SSID
  4. easily manage the measurement campaigns

  5. export the information collected during the measurements as XML format

Why this project?

The tool GWA (Geographical Wifi Analyzer) is a free software in the context of an open source project developed by ESIEE Paris. Each year, students in their final year of the specialty networks participate and contribute to the improvement of the tool since 2008. The aims to find a place in the free world tools in WiFi environment. It offers the following features: Taking measurements, detailed environmental WiFi and extraction of data in XML format


You can download the latest software version at the following address:


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