The “Extraction” modules aim is to extract the measures record in the database to a XML format, a standard format. And to offer the user the possibility to explore the result as he wants.

This part presents the different windows of the module and the selections to be made, in the following:

  • The environment concerning the wanted measures
  • One or several places corresponding to the wanted campaigns
  • One or several campaigns of measures to be extracted
  • The possibility of leaking out on one or several APs

Environment selection

Select the environments where campaigns to be extracted were realized.

Place selection

The module allows export the measures of several campaigns in the same file Because a campaign makes reference to a place, the module allows the selection of several places.

  • The concerned places in the right list via buttons “Add” and “Delete”.

The checkbox “Choose all the places” selects all the present places when it is checked. Unchecked, it unselects all the places and posts them again on the left list on the graphic interface.


It is imperative to select at least one place to be able to choose a campaign during the module.

Campaign selection

  • Select one or several campaigns to be extracted via buttons “Add” and “Delete”.

The suggested campaigns depend on places selected beforehand (stage 2/5).

  • As well as for the page of places, mark the checkbox “Choose all the campaigns” to extract those relative to places previously selected.


It is imperative to select at least one campaign to be able to continue the extraction.

At any time, it is possible to return in the module to modify the previous choices.

APs selection

The module provides a flexible data extraction. It is possible to extract only certain actions within a campaign.

  • Select at least one Access Point.

The database request will only take into account the measures realized from the APs selected here.

Example - selection of a single AP: The module extracts the measures made exclusively on this AP in one or several chosen campaigns. The aim is to observe in which points the computer stay connected to the AP as well as the parameters and the signal levels received from this one.

  • Mark the checkbox « Choose all the APs » to extract all the measures of the selected campaigns. In that case, there is no « filter » on the APs during the extraction.


In the list of the APs, appears AP established by the name “AP_i ”. In these access points correspond the points of measures ignored during campaigns. If you also wish to extract the points of measures ignored in the output file, you have to select all these APs of the shape “AP_i ”. They will be distinguished by the field signal_level.

Refer to the paragraph on the fictitious AP of the part V-The module “Measures”, 7. The realization of the measures, c.) the exceptions encountered for more information on these access points.

Extraction validation

This last window validates the previous selections before starting the extraction.

  1. Press the “Extract to XML” to start extracting the database.
  2. Enter the location and the name of the output file with the extension ”.xml” to save it.

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